A True (Hu)Man

A true man is not always strong.

A true man has emotions. 

A true man is not afraid to show his emotions

He is not always right.

He is kind,

He is caring, 

He is vulnerable.

He is one who celebrates the success of women around him.

He is one who looks in awe when she takes the stage.

He is one who pushes her to do her best even when she looses courage.

He does not lead.

He walks side by side.

He walks shoulder to shoulder.

He listens and tells; ear to ear.

He smiles and cries. 

He is beautiful and vulnerable.

A true man is a friend.

A true man is a father.

A true man is a brother.

A true man is a husband.

A true man,

is human.


By: Srishti Birla 




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