You define your standards of Beauty.

Its funny how the beauty industry works. Almost every model you see walk the run way at Fashion Week is over 5’7’’, and extremely thin. The people that are considered “hot” and “sexy” and “attractive” on television are guys with six pack abs or women with big breasts or butts. Why?

What I am saying is, Yes, you should you care about your health, working out, and being fit. But don’t kill yourself to be stick thin so people will perceive you as hotter, sexier, or more attractive. It starts with one person, and then two, and then the crowd. I believe that each of us defines our own standard of beauty.

Thin is beautiful.

Thick is beautiful.

Heavy is beautiful.

Flat-chested is beautiful.

Big-chested is beautiful.

Here are three brands and platforms that I think are currently doing an amazing job of promoting this message:

1) Tinted

This brand, founded by the amazing Deepica Mutyala, is using its platform to highlight how important it is to embrace and love people for who they are, regardless of their skin tone. It is teaching us something that we all need to learn : Self-love. We have to love our skin, regardless of color, love our dark circles, love our blemishes, and love how we look. Every one of us is beautiful regardless of how straight or curly our hair is, or how dark or light our skin is.

2) KristinMade

This brand is founded by one of my favorite girls on Youtube, Kristin Johns. This platform radiates so much positivity its infectious! They recently had a challenge called, #SweetToSelfChallenge. So, every time you say something negative about yourself, you stop and actually say something positive about yourself. Its a little change to make, but oh the wonders it does to you! Little things like this help promote so much self-love and positivity!

3) Aerie

Aerie is a brand that is known for their swimwear, activewear and intimates. Thus, for them to make a decision almost four years ago to not retouch their pictures was huge. Recently, they started a campaign titles #AerieREAL. #AerieREAL works to spread the message of Women Empowerment, Self Love, and Body Positivity. All the women featured in this campaign are not just professional models, they are real, strong, women that are role models in society, like Aly Raisman (USA Olympic Gold Medalist).

So, everyone, be proud of yourself! Be proud of your body, your hair, and your skin! We all have different qualities that make each and every one of us unique! BE CONFIDENT. BE BOLD. BE YOURSELF.

Srishti BirlaComment